Unexplained disappearances and New Things(tm)

It has been a HOT MINUTE since I've posted on the blog, hasn't it? Happy New Year (belatedly) to everyone. It's been a while. So. Things have been busy, and cold. Very, very cold. Lke, i feel so cold I don't want to get out of bed. My hands ache when I type. That kind... Continue Reading →


On heart break and moving on

I've had to think about a lot of stuff recently (oh that sounds terrifying, you say, voice dripping with zero percent interest) See, my heart got broken. No, not the romantic kind (ha! clickbait? yes. am I sorry? no. mildly) Sometimes heartbreak isn't romantic. Sometimes it's losing a pet, or a friend, or a sibling's... Continue Reading →


Ello. So i have certAIN very important exams coming up, and in my prep for that, i haven't been able to post much. (also i have found that creative wells are capable of running very low in the winter season if you are me?? i want a refund @ my brain. also wHO thought November... Continue Reading →

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